Thursday, May 20, 2010

New releases!


Gunpowder Power & Gold

This calls for a quote from the good’ol Blues Brothers: “What kind of music do you have here?”, “Both! Country AND western!”. Debut album and what an absolutely remarkable piece of work it is. They’ve got the songs and they’ve got the sound, it’s dramatic and it’s mighty. I’ll challenge you to listen to the few tunes from the album at their MySpace and try NOT to fall in love with the band. The album comes with stylish full-color gatefold covers and -for those of you who like things digital- an mp3 download coupon! Release date August 25th.


Joãnitor Muurinen (Xysma, Mannhai)
Lauri Kujasalo (Sergio, Domestica)
Jarkko Kujasalo (Seksihullut, Sergio)
Ville Vuorenmaa (Sur-rur, Seksihullut)
Jyrki Nissinen (Seksihullut, Jumalan Ruoska)


Kirlian Crossing

Third full-length from this lovely avant-pop group. The band hasn’t changed much - and that’s only a good thing! They still deliver melancholic pop tunes with a good ear for imaginative arrangements and a sound pretty much their own. Enhanced CD with additional mp3 files - 104 minutes of music in total! Out now.

Other forthcoming releases:

HEBOSAGIL / TWO BEATS OFF - split 7″ (verdu-29)

Seriously, this one is a monster. Super intense ass-kicking by both bands. Hebosagil has a gigantic sludge/metal/hardcore sound with loads of potential for headbanging and fist-shaking. Nothing I scrible here can do justice to how totally blown away we were by their recent show in Helsinki. And what about Two Beats Off then? Well, overwhelmingly energetic noisy hardcore punk that has a charming messy edge into it. Adorable and exactly our cup of tea. Should be out within a couple of months. Co-released with Psychedelica and TBO’s own label Posion Idea.


The most ambitious domestic album of 2010? Who knows, but this one would have to be quite high up on such a list.

Plain Fade (Tampere, Finland) joins forces with Wiipurilaisen Osakunnan Laulajat (a 50-head choir from Helsinki) to perform a piece exclusively composed for this collaboration by Plain Fade, and sung in ancient Greek, Latin, Italian and English. Musically it’s somewhere between over-the-top prog-rock, modern classical, highly innovative choir music and whatelse. Nothing short of breathtaking, we tell you. To be released in Autumn 2010.


Candy Cane continues in the path of their previous full-length Jaula, digging deeper into black/death metal realms. Oranssi Pazuzu is a new Finnish group - delivering mesmerising psychedelic metal with hints of 70’s Finnish progressive rock. Check out their debut album Muukalainen Puhuu from 2009 on Violent Journey Records. Split CD is co-released with Firebox and will be out in Autumn 2010.

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Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Forthcoming stuff

Lots of releases coming this year but just a quick post to let you know the next ones:

Excellent country group from Turku/Finland. Features fellows from Seksihullut, Xysma, Sergio, Sur-rur etc. Comes with a free-of-charge mp3 download code.
Three songs from the LP available at their myspace:

Third full-lenght by these experimentalist rockers.

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Monday, January 4, 2010

Aortaorta: Chaos Rhymes LP

Aortaorta: Chaos Rhymes LP (incl. mp3s) Out now!

Released with Tuska & Ahdistus and Sonitus Insulto.

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Sunday, March 29, 2009

Release dates

Heroin And Your Veins: Nausea CD (verdu-25)

April 15th 2009 - pre-order

Heroin And Your Veins: Nausea

Candy Cane: Jaula CD (verdu-24)

April 22nd 2009 - pre-order
First review (in Finnish only) in

CC Jaula

Mother Goose: Anna Lumena CD (verdu-23)

Early May 2009 - pre-order

Mother Goose: Anna Lumena

And we’ve got a nice package deal for the new records - buy them all at the same time and save 6 €! Pre-order here.

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Tuesday, March 3, 2009

New releases!

We’re proud to announce another new release scheduled for April 2009:

Heroin And Your Veins: Nausea CD (verdu-25) 

Heroin And Your Veins: Nausea

“Night music”, a soundtrack to a film noir movie that has never been filmed. Melancholic instrumental moods. Beautiful stuff. If you’re into Magyar Posse and Bohren, this one might be your cup of tea also. They did their debut to Solina Records back in 2007, this one being their second album.

Check their web site for music and videos!

It’ll be released simultaneously with the previously announced new Candy Cane CD Jaula. That is one majestic piece of avant garde metal. An exact release date should be confirmed rather soon, both albums are already on their way to the pressing plant! A few teasers from Jaula are available at Candy Cane’s myspace!

CC Jaula

Mother Goose’s new album is called Anna Lumena (verdu-23) and it’s almost finished also! Should be out by April/May 2009!

Kirlian Crossing has been releasing their free-of-charge sets of music - the newest one is the seventh part in the Repeat And Repeat series. Download it at their web site.


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Sunday, October 19, 2008

Fresh stuff!

New release! Out NOW!

KOMPLEKSI: Sister Longlegs Dances in the Disco LP

PRICE: 12 EUR (+postage)

The future of electronic music in a way it will never happen. This two-piece from Tampere (pHinn & Mike Not) create some of the catchiest oddball “eclectro” ever produced in this country of ours. Haunting, taunting, outstandingly peculiar and most importantly - totally convincing. Classic stuff. Sister Longlegs is Kompleksi’s debut full-length, recorded between 2002-2006 and released previously only as mp3 downloads on Beatport. We are proud and overtly excited to put it finally out on vinyl.

*** We have 100 copies of Kompleksi’s Love child / Moscow 1980 7″ single (released by Lal Lal Lal) which we are giving away (!!) for people who purchase the new LP directly from us. Please note: some shops and distributors might have copies of Sister Longlegs LP including these freebies but that’s not granted. If you want to be sure that you’ll get one, safest way is to buy the LP from us. Note: 7″ features an alternative version of Moscow 1980 and Love Child is also soundwise a bit different due to the cutting/mastering of the LP ***

Music and more information:

Kompleksi Myspace
Kompleksi at Phinnweb

Kirlian Crossing has launched their fourth series of downloadable albums, free-of-charge as always in their case. Repeat and repeat is the title, it contains nine volumes and the first two parts are already out. Check them at their web site.



MOTHER GOOSE: tba CD (early 2009)


One of the finest news we could think of is the one announcing a new album by the beloved Mother Goose. They are currently putting the finishing touches on the album and it should be out during the first quarter of 2009. MG at Myspace.

CANDY CANE: tba CD (2009)


A kick-ass avant rock/hardcore/black metal/andwhatelse genre-blender from Tampere. Their previous Fay-Ra-Doowra album (on Jukeboss) is highly recommended! CC at Myspace / their own site.

HETERO SKELETON: tba vinyl (2009?)
Another dose of their fartcore will find its way into vinyl as soon as the band gets the material together. Which might be tomorrow or 2011. You just wait. And while waiting be sure to get their latest Hasardi CD on Ikuisuus. HS at Myspace.

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Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Magyar Posse LIVE

finpost.jpg  With Cold Fairyland (CHN):
  06.02.08 Tavastia, Helsinki
  07.02.08 Klubi, Tampere
  08.02.08 Lutakko, Jyväskylä
  09.02.08 Henry’s Pub, Kuopio
  10.02.08 45 Special, Oulu

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Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Pymathon / Gentle Evil LP and Kirlian Crossing’s web release

Out now!

PYMATHON / GENTLE EVIL split LP (verdu-20)


The most ambitious and so far best heavy/jazz split LP of 2007! No shit.

Pymathon = improvised thrash metal, Gentle Evil = harsh noise free jazz. Both kick ass, crush skulls and are loud enough to demolish buildings. If in doubt, check the samples:

Gentle Evil

We’ll be having a record release party at Ravintola Kantis (Helsinki, Ruoholahdenkatu 4) on sunday September 23rd. Entrance is free! Showtime at 19:00! Welcome!

The LP is 12 euros plus postage, available now from our shop. To you Helsinki people - if you’d like to avoid paying high postal costs, get in touch. We can certainly arrange a hand-to-hand delivery.

And if you’re the kind of person who likes clothing, we’ve got good news: there’s a small quantity of Pymathon t-shirts coming within a week or so!
- - -

Kirlian Crossing has launched a new free-of-charge series of downloadable albums. The whole things goes by the name of Madness and Repeat - go to their site for more information. Previous parts (Acid test reels and Margin reels) will also be again available in the near future.

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Thursday, March 29, 2007

Siniaalto: Kuolema CD

siniaalto_kuolema.jpg Siniaalto, the Helsinki based synth trio, will release their third album titled Kuolema on April 20th. Click the links for mp3 samples.

Matka vyöhykkeelle
Hulluuden rajapinnalla

Video for the song Matka vyöhykkeelle is available on their homepage

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Sunday, March 4, 2007

New website!

peejajii_2.jpg Hello People

Our homepage has been broken for a while but here we go again - with a nice online shop this time! We have also done a lot of checking on prices (…lowered them, of course), including some of our own releases. A goood opportunity to $pend some money.

And we are really proud to announce a few future releases:

Siniaalto: Kuolema CD (April 20th)
Pymathon / Gentle Evil split LP (April/May)
Hetero Skeleton: Asscension Double LP (May/June)
Mother Goose: TBA CD (autumn 2007)

More information of those coming later.

Take care,


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