Thursday, May 5, 2011

Hebosagil CD & Throat 12″

Out now!
Hebosagil: Ura

Hebosagil: Ura CD 10 EUR (postage included)

Sludge/noiserock/hardcore/metal hybrid from Oulu, Finland. Their second full-lenght. Check out “Over Auki” on their homepage. Cassette version released by Kaos Kontrol.
Throat: Licked Inch Fur

Throat: Licked Inch Fur 12″ 12 EUR (+postage)

Back to the 90’s! Throat is a four-piece band from Turku playing noiserock with an AmRep sound - and they are seriously good at what they do. Check out “Piggie” video on Youtube. Four song 45 rpm 12″. Co-released with At War With False Noise (UK), Kaos Kontrol (FIN) and Made In Kansas (USA).

People in USA and UK: At War With False Noise and Made In Kansas will be getting their copies within a few weeks, you might want to wait until that.

posted by Janne at 6:23 pm