Monday, February 18, 2013

Clearance SALE!

Well hello,

Yes, it’s a clearance sale, everything has to go (or that’s what we at least hope for).

Sitting on a pile of records is fun for a while but it makes you think that these albums really should be out there, somewhere. We’ve got a few new releases coming soon(ish?), would be nice to make some storage room for them as well.

The clearance sale includes ALL non-Verdura items and majority of our own releases as well, we’ve excluded only a few that we haven’t got that many copies left anymore (Mohel LP and Throat 12” to be precise). Everything is at least with a 50% discount, majority at even cheaper prices (2-5 Euros). The list below is being kept up-to-date all the time.

The non-Verdura items we usually have only one or two in stock so act fast if there’s something you want.

To place an order:

Give us an email (info at verdurarecords . com) stating what you’d want and where it should be shipped to. We’ll then reply you with the total price including postage which is charged according to the rates offered by the Finnish postal office. Payment is ok either by Bank Transfer or PayPal. If you order 12” vinyl and happen to be in Helsinki, a pickup at a central location is of course possible.

Sale is ongoing until otherwise decided.

Verdura Records:

Aortaorta: Chaos Rhymes LP (Verdura) 3 EUR
Candy Cane: Jaula CD (Verdura) 4 EUR
Candy Cane / Oranssi Pazuzu: split CD (Verdura) 5 EUR
Eturivi: Ylhäisten Kastien Kelvottomat Jälkeläiset CD (Verdura) 5 EUR
Gunpowder Power & Gold: Wolf Under the Floor LP (Verdura) 5 EUR
Hebosagil: Ura CD (Verdura) 5 EUR
Hebosagil / Two Beats Off: split 7″ (Verdura) 2 EUR
Heroin And Your Veins: Nausea CD (Verdura) 4 EUR
Hinageshi Bondage: Tirez Sur Le Musicien 7″ (Verdura) 0,5 EUR
Hinageshi Bondage: Diesel Fruit My Darling 7″ (Verdura) 0,5 EUR
Itäväylä: Itävalta CD (Verdura) 3 EUR
Kirlian Crossing: s/t CD (Verdura) 2 EUR
Kirlian Crossing: Margin CD (Verdura) 2 EUR
Kirlian Crossing: These Days Are Our Friends CD (Verdura) 2 EUR
Kompleksi: Sister Longlegs Dances In The Disco LP (Verdura) 4 EUR
Magyar Posse : We Will Carry You Over The Mountains CD (Verdura) 5 EUR
Mother Goose: Anna Lumena CD (Verdura) 4 EUR
Mother Goose: Autumn Masochism CD (Verdura) 2 EUR
Particle Separator: Cheap Digital CD (Verdura) 4 EUR
Plain Fade with WiOL: Anthropogonia CD (Verdura) 7 EUR
Pymathon / Gentle Evil: split LP (Verdura) 4 EUR
Sergio: Swords CD (Verdura) 2 EUR
Siniaalto: Kuolema CD (Verdura) 3 EUR
Vene: Pimeä Puoli CD (Verdura) 2 EUR


A Grave In The Sky: Cutlery Hits China CD (Heart & Crossbone) 2 EUR
Argentine: In Other Fictions CD (pehrpabel) 2 EUR
Ave Maria: Chapter I LP (Kult of Nihilow) 6 EUR
Barbara: Peger CD (Heart & Crossbone) 2 EUR
Barbara: A Blessing From the Angel of Death CD (Heart & Crossbone) 2 EUR
Bass Tone Trap: Trapping CD (Music a la cogue) 2 EUR
Bed: Spacebox CD (Ici d’ailleurs) 2 EUR
Ben Reynolds: Music is the Music Language CD (Ikuisuus) 2 EUR
Beneath The Frozen Soil & Negative Reaction:  Split CD (Total Rust) 2 EUR
Blueprint Human Beings: Paradigms CD  2 EUR
Boys of Scandinavia: Kill the Party CD (If Society) 1 EUR
Candy Cane: Jaula shirt black M   3 EUR
Dadao Trio: Dadao Meets People 7″ (Autotehtaat) 0,50 EUR
Del: Projectionist Please Focus CD (Apartment, Ohm) 1 EUR
Disorder of Deadeight: Voidkollapse CD (Vaticanian Roadkill) 3 EUR
Faust: Kleine Welt (live) CD (Ektro) 5 EUR
Frivolvol: Frivolous volume 2 CD (If Society) 2 EUR
Frivolvol: Who Needs Maps When We Got Time CD (If Society) 2 EUR
George: The Magic Lantern CD (Pickled Egg) 3 EUR
Grey Park: s/t CDr (Planned Confusion) 2 EUR
Haare: The Crimson Sabbath / Madon Evankeliumi CD (At War With False Noise) 4 EUR
Hero Dishonest: Let Your Poison Scream CD (If Society) 2 EUR
Hero Dishonest: When The Shit Hits The Man CD (If Society) 2 EUR
Hero Dishonest / Mukeka Di Rato: split 7″ (If Society) 3 EUR
Hetero Skeleton: En La Sombra Del Pajaro Velludo CD (Load) 3 EUR
Highgate: s/t CD (Total Rust) 3 EUR
Highgate: Shrines to the Warhead CD (Total Rust) 3 EUR
Hotguitars with Santtu Puukka: Hierarkia CD (Karkia Mistika) 2 EUR
Humppalähetys 1982-1992:  Mag  2 EUR
Hyadringar: The Weak Creation CD (Total Rust) 3 EUR
I´m Sore / Princess Dragon Mom: Split CD (Bone Horse Produktions) 2 EUR
John Duncan: John See Sountracks CD (RRR) 3 EUR
La Lame Du Mat: Cheval de Frise 10″ (Minority) 1 EUR
Lee Miller: The Futility of Language CD (Musically Incorrect Records) 2 EUR
Lietterschpich: I Cum Blood In The Think Tank CD (Heart & Crossbone) 2 EUR
Lords Of Bukkake: Desorden y Rencor CD (Total Rust) 3 EUR
Luminous: Links By CD  1 EUR
Magyar Posse: logo t-shirt blue Girlie L   3 EUR
Mika Rättö: Polkupyörällä Vuokkopenkereelle CD (Ektro) 5 EUR
Mon: Main Gauche CD  2 EUR
Mourning Dawn: For the Fallen… CD (Total Rust) 3 EUR
Nimbus 2000: Kettle of Fish Walking CD (Octane Grammophon) 2 EUR
Ninetynine: Worlds of Space/Population/Robots CD (If Society) 2 EUR
Paganus: s/t CD (Total Rust) 3 EUR
Peter Wright: Desolation Beauty Violence CD (Ikuisuus) 2 EUR
Polvere: s/t 10″ (Minority) 1 EUR
Pyramido: Sand CD (Total Rust) 3 EUR
Reutoff: Reutraum II 7″ (Kaos Kontrol) 3 EUR
Solitaire: Predatress CD (Ektro) 5 EUR
Souvenir´s Young America: Souvenir´s Young America LP (E-Vinyl) 5 EUR
Sshe Retina Stimulants: Central Node Recording CDr (Nihil Market) 1 EUR
Steel Mammoth: Atomic Mountain CD (Ektro) 4 EUR
The Hindu Gods Of Love: Hometown Hop 10″ (Psychedelica, KRF) 4 EUR
The Kneel: Harm CD (Total Rust) 3 EUR
The Protestants: Dirty Shame / The Tools 7″ (If Society) 1 EUR
The Tall Ships: Paint Lines… CD (Minority) 2 EUR
Transkaakko: Uuni CD (Zerga) 3 EUR
Tuhkaus: s/t 7″ (Psychedelica, Roku) 2 EUR
Valse Triste: Madon luku CD (If Society) 2 EUR
Viola: Wonderabilia CD (Jupiter) 1 EUR
Volition: s/t CD (Total Rust) 3 EUR
Wraith Of The Ropes: Ada CD (Total Rust) 2 EUR

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