Sunday, October 19, 2008

Fresh stuff!

New release! Out NOW!

KOMPLEKSI: Sister Longlegs Dances in the Disco LP

PRICE: 12 EUR (+postage)

The future of electronic music in a way it will never happen. This two-piece from Tampere (pHinn & Mike Not) create some of the catchiest oddball “eclectro” ever produced in this country of ours. Haunting, taunting, outstandingly peculiar and most importantly - totally convincing. Classic stuff. Sister Longlegs is Kompleksi’s debut full-length, recorded between 2002-2006 and released previously only as mp3 downloads on Beatport. We are proud and overtly excited to put it finally out on vinyl.

*** We have 100 copies of Kompleksi’s Love child / Moscow 1980 7″ single (released by Lal Lal Lal) which we are giving away (!!) for people who purchase the new LP directly from us. Please note: some shops and distributors might have copies of Sister Longlegs LP including these freebies but that’s not granted. If you want to be sure that you’ll get one, safest way is to buy the LP from us. Note: 7″ features an alternative version of Moscow 1980 and Love Child is also soundwise a bit different due to the cutting/mastering of the LP ***

Music and more information:

Kompleksi Myspace
Kompleksi at Phinnweb

Kirlian Crossing has launched their fourth series of downloadable albums, free-of-charge as always in their case. Repeat and repeat is the title, it contains nine volumes and the first two parts are already out. Check them at their web site.



MOTHER GOOSE: tba CD (early 2009)


One of the finest news we could think of is the one announcing a new album by the beloved Mother Goose. They are currently putting the finishing touches on the album and it should be out during the first quarter of 2009. MG at Myspace.

CANDY CANE: tba CD (2009)


A kick-ass avant rock/hardcore/black metal/andwhatelse genre-blender from Tampere. Their previous Fay-Ra-Doowra album (on Jukeboss) is highly recommended! CC at Myspace / their own site.

HETERO SKELETON: tba vinyl (2009?)
Another dose of their fartcore will find its way into vinyl as soon as the band gets the material together. Which might be tomorrow or 2011. You just wait. And while waiting be sure to get their latest Hasardi CD on Ikuisuus. HS at Myspace.

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