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Kirlian Crossing - madness and repeat


Madness and repeat is the third series of free downloadable records made from recorded improvisations of Kirlian Crossing.

We go in circles and clockwise. This is a logical output summoning the previous release series.

The downloaded file is a .zip package including .wav files for cd-r burning, .mp3 files for free internet distribution and a printable cd-r cover (.pdf).

These files will be available as long as our fileserver lives!




madness and repeat vol.1:

  1. another day part 1
  2. home of electronics


available from 02/09/2007

madness and repeat vol.2:

  1. madness and madness part 1
  2. another day part 2


available from 02/10/2007

madness and repeat vol.3:

  1. another day part 3
  2. a few crossings part 2


available from 02/11/2007

madness and repeat vol.4:

  1. acid testing again
  2. madness and madness part 2


available from 02/12/2007

madness and repeat vol.5:

  1. the color out of space
  2. another day part 4


available from 02/01/2008