S E R G I O     B I O G R A P H Y

Sergio was given birth to back in 1996 by two people without
intended aim or hidden agenda. After vast amounts of tumbling and
tossing the band ended up with name Sergio. Sergio then ended up
with playing some sort of rock music, which has later been told to
somewhat remind of Sonic Youth's, Interpol's, Fugazi's & Joy
Division's musics.
Sergio got it's current form in 1998 after recruiting a third
guitarist. The line-up was established as follows: Jari Kielosto:
Vocals, Bass; Jussi Kielosto: Guitar; Teemu Aalto: Guitar; Jarkko
Kujasalo: Guitar and Lauri Kujasalo: Drums.
The main songwriters in the band have become to be Jari & Jussi
Kielosto, although every member takes part in the arrangements. It
is because this free arranging process that every song ends up
sounding quite like only Sergio. The band has had some
other-sounding songs, but didn't know what to do waith them.
With this lineup Sergio has played in places and on records. Trash
Can Records' Harri Joensuu heard one cd the band sent him, and
after hearing more, both on cd and live, decided to release a 7".
The 4-song 7", "The Ship Is Mine" was released in early 2002 now
being more or less hard to find. Joensuu was surprised as wa the
band from the success of a debut-ep from an unknown band. Some kind
of plans were made for later.
In the summer 2002 Sergio got to play in Provinssirock, one of
the biggest festivals in Finland. There was warm & crowdy.
In the latter half of 2002 Sergio started to plan the next ep. The
ep, bearing a name "See Far And Fall" came out in March 2003,
introducing a bit heavier sounding Sergio. Response of the ep has
been quite strangely positive this time around also (5/5 in
desibeli.net, 4/5 in Rumba), although the band doesn't see as if
Sergio'd gone backtrack either.
Rest of the year 2003 is still with no plans. Sergio will probably
play random gigs and make some new songs.