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Kirlian Crossing - margin reels


Margin reels was the second (the first was acid test reels) series of free downloadable records made from recorded improvisations of Kirlian Crossing.

With this we`re trying to repeat and recreate the themes and ideas we´ve done previously in our brief existence.
New songs from old songs.
All our recordings are letters to ourselves 30 years from now.

If anyone wishes to go on distributing the Margin reels vol.1-3, in any form (whole .zip, .mp3+cover, .mp3 etc.), please do so. Contact us (email: kirliancrossing at verdurarecords.com) for files etc.




Margin reels vol.1:

  1. remember mathias rust
  2. jessen seitsemän runoa
  3. testing acid on the way


Margin reels vol.2:

  1. relevant at the time
  2. anneliese michel


Margin reels vol.3:

  1. paraffin and lust
  2. dialogue