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Which is OK?
Very routine landing
H and G
The room
Day one and day two
White trash
Even dogs believe in ghosts
All that wet paper


More than a friend
forever faithful fiend
I am a scapegoat
in there where's island of Man
No e-mail can reach in time 
nor a message written to a paper

I was in a dream and bold

the bookshelf is over
before it even began
it's a long swim
from the island of Man
it's a long way to anywhere
It's been a long life

I was in a dream and bold

in where you are 
in where you were
right now

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Which is OK?

I'm open
without being aware of 
what my decision
means to me tomorrow

if I was closed
our common understanding
would be less than I can bare

which would be OK

I'm silent
more quiet outside my head
there's more to it
but I don't tell

which is OK

I can take it
not all of you can
as long as you
take care of yourselves

it is OK

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Very routine landing

Very routine landing
air so much underneath
Time is short
and then they get a life

Good looking tits
in a taped magazine
This one's heart longs to
to the time before c-cup

I'm not allowed to read
while landing
I'm ripping off the tape
and the magazine too is torn

I saw you below
I see you below  
walking by

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H and G

I've lost my faith in you
I see it from the looks of others
It's not advertising
to say it through them old speakers

First you have to be friends
that can go on for years
Then whisper quietly
to her headphones

H and G 
stands for
Hi and Goodbye

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The room

you're the one that makes this room
I'm the stranger in the room above
be a sport come to the coast
to east you know the place

real ghosts don't leave their rooms
but I believe in you
don't prove to be real
not anymore

stranger's room is silent
except computer is rendering
agree on what he says    
about being reasonable
just let the room be
don't be angry with me
don't prove to be real
not anymore

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Day one and day two

day One
it begins slowly
their bodies sweep the floor
empty pockets
start the rockets
the rockets
the spooky rockets

day Two of two
girls come closer
lava lamp looks like a ghost
more coffee
more change
give coins
to the ghost

too large for indoor display
more than a metre wide
tacked to the wall
like the truth
but it's not

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White trash

Let's split this home in two
till the year 2012
a common man's wish
is a common man's curse
and a curve where you're thrown
is a curve of a girl
is a curve of a girl
Eventually kitchen sink
is the place where you sink

Work is more important
work is everything
We have every word
to describe what we are
Let's assume that you're
done by the year 2012
That would be something
despite of the girls 
the curves of the girls

You're a family man
by nature and against your will
You're a family plan
reaching to China by the year 2012

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Even dogs believe in ghosts

even dogs believe in ghosts
and then there's neighbours who don't 
not even when I'm sad
and drinking and forgetting me

Even dogs believe in ghosts

some dogs know me
from the way my smell touches them
even after rain
even then they know me

Even dogs believe in ghosts 

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All that wet paper

Going through pages after pages
gathering pages
I've read them all
reason to read them 
is to spread them all

It isn't like that
once you've seen a shadow play
it's all shadowplay
Them moves...

The best in movable things
hands equals wings
moving towards the end
Ex equals sex
Don't let them know you
don't let them care

It isn't like that
Once you've seen a wind counting your pages
it's all burden to me
All that wet paper

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